Updated on February 1st 2024, 09:17:10


What is Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful search app that gives you one place to find all your files, emails, and apps. It eliminates the need for multiple searches, saving you time and increasing your productivity.


How to use Curiosity

With Curiosity, you can quickly find what you need, whether it's in a folder, email, or cloud app like Google Drive or Notion. It even searches inside files, images, and scans – and you can talk to your files, auto-reply to emails, ask questions, summarize meetings, and much more with the AI Assistant. The app also works as a launcher, so you can use a simple shortcut to open programs, join video meetings, search your clipboard history, or call up the AI Assistant. It's fast and easy to use.

Talk with Curiosity 's Use Cases

Efficiently search and access files, emails, events, and documents across different apps including Google Drive, Dropbox, Notion, and more.
Manage multiple email accounts in one place.
Launch apps quickly with keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity.
Search the web directly from the tool and get instant results.

Curiosity 's Tags

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