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Glam Girls AI is an AI girlfriend generator that provides realistic images of AI girlfriends. It helps users find a romantic partner by generating personalized AI girlfriends.

R2 Copilot is a privacy-centric, GPT-powered AI assistant for business communications. It keeps your data confidential and helps improve performance without compromising your privacy.

SpiritualMeanings is an AI-powered tool that offers insightful interpretations of dreams, spiritual experiences, symbolism, and angel numbers. It leverages the advanced capabilities of the ChatGPT API to delve into the subconscious mind and provide users with a unique approach to understanding their innermost thoughts and spiritual messages.

KardsAI - Instant Flashcard is an AI-powered mobile app that allows users to convert their notes, books, and PDFs into flashcards. It offers a seamless learning experience, saving valuable time by generating flashcards on various topics. The app uses a proven spaced repetition algorithm to ensure long-term retention of acquired knowledge.

Shakker.Ai is a powerful image generator with a variety of features. It allows users to unleash the full potential of AI in image creation with its cutting-edge tools. With a vast array of styles, users can effortlessly craft and fine-tune images with unmatched precision and ease. Shakker.Ai simplifies the creative process for digital artists and designers, amplifying their artistic power.

BoostBot Mobile Game Bots is a leading mobile game bot provider that offers solutions for automating gameplay in various popular mobile games.

NSFW 976 is an AI chatbot that provides uncensored AI chat and virtual companionship.

Starfee is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create logos, banners, and stickers with ready-made styles and AI technology.

NSFW AI Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that generates NSFW images and provides a safe environment for users to explore their sexuality.

LustGF AI Girlfriend is a virtual companion that allows users to create their perfect AI girlfriend for private and erotic exchanges. It offers uncensored content and advanced customization options.

Cockatoo is an AI-powered transcription service that converts audio or video files into text or subtitles in seconds. It offers superhuman speech to text accuracy and supports transcription in over 90 languages.

Taplio is an all-in-one, AI-powered LinkedIn tool that helps individuals and teams grow their personal brand on LinkedIn. It leverages AI to create better LinkedIn content, schedule posts at the right time, engage with relevant accounts, and measure results.

Anyword is an advanced AI writing solution trusted by over 1 million marketers. It is specifically designed to help marketers scale on-brand content that drives business results.

Opus is a platform that provides website building tools and templates for individuals and businesses to create and customize their own websites without any technical knowledge or coding skills required.

Vidnoz is an AI video generation tool that allows users to create engaging videos in just one minute. It offers over 300 realistic AI avatars and 470 natural voices, providing a wide range of options for creating high-quality videos quickly and easily. Whether you need explainer videos, training and development videos, e-learning videos, news videos, sales videos, marketing videos, communication videos, or support videos, Vidnoz AI has got you covered.

Monica AI is a chrome extension powered by ChatGPT API, designed to be your personal AI assistant for effortless chatting and copywriting.

HomeWorkify is an AI homework help app designed to assist students of all ages in completing their assignments with ease. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, Homeworkify serves as the ultimate homework assistant. It offers a Homework Solver that provides step-by-step solutions and explanations for math, science, history, and other subjects. The app also offers interactive learning, detailed feedback, test and exam preparation, and subject coverage across various disciplines. Additionally, Homeworkify includes an Essay Assistant to guide students through the essay writing process and a Study Planner to create personalized study schedules. With Homeworkify, students can enhance their academic performance and achieve success in their studies.

Tidalflow is an AI-powered personal trainer that offers hyper-personalized and science-backed workouts 24/7. It provides step-by-step guidance through 3D avatars and audio coaching, tailoring workout plans to your specific requirements. With Tidalflow, you can experience the freedom of working out anytime, anywhere. It offers on-demand workouts that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

NSFW Character AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to bring their NSFW character chat experiences to life. It offers unrestricted chatbot characters and friends, supporting multilingual input for global users. Users can define character attributes and train them using dialogue feedback to improve their behavior. The platform encourages creativity by providing advanced creation features for character development. Users can engage in NSFW chats with various characters, exploring a metaverse of their own creation. NSFW Character AI aims to unleash users' imaginations and desires, providing a space for personal exploration and creative expression.

Opus Clips is an AI tool that repurposes long videos into short, professional clips to supercharge growth on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. The AI technology automates the trimming and resizing of videos, adds captions and visual effects, and rearranges highlight moments to increase engagement and watch time. The tool is designed for video creators like podcasters, educators, commentators, and product reviewers to boost discoverability and monetization opportunities.

DreamGen is an AI-powered roleplay and story writing platform that allows you to unleash your creativity and explore infinite uncensored possibilities in role-play story writing.

Grant AI is an AI-powered grant writing tool that helps organizations win grant funding with minimal effort.

Kin AI is a personal AI assistant for your private life. It provides clarity and support in your daily life, helping you deal with situations, get second opinions, and take the right actions. Kin respects your privacy and keeps your personal data safe and secure. It has long-term memory capabilities and aims to be relatable and supportive. With time, Kin's capabilities will grow to proactively engage with you and take action on your behalf. It offers personalized support and helps users navigate various aspects of their personal and professional lives. is an AI chatbot tool that allows users to create and interact with a wide range of AI characters including NSFW conversations.

Chat GPT Demo is a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI, designed to generate human-like text based on a wide range of prompts using advanced machine learning algorithms and a flexible architecture.

Samplette is a website for finding and generating random music samples. It offers a variety of tools for discovering new music, including a random song generator and a rhythm roulette. The website also provides information on how to clear and use music samples legally. Users can filter their searches by genre, BPM, key, and other criteria. is an intelligent travel planner that helps with trip planning needs based on a few inputs like the travel destination and the goal of the travel. It generates a personalized travel plan with the help of AI.

Omnifact is a privacy-first generative AI platform tailored for the workplace, emphasizing data sovereignty and security in business environments. Their main product, Omnifact Chat, is designed as a safe alternative to popular AI chat models like ChatGPT, incorporating advanced data masking and customizable content filtering. This ensures sensitive corporate information remains protected, catering to businesses seeking to leverage AI's capabilities while upholding strict privacy standards. Omnifact's solutions are GDPR compliant, available both as cloud-hosted and on-premise deployments, and are vendor-independent, allowing seamless integration with various large language model providers.

Curiosity is a powerful search app that gives you one place to find all your files, emails, and apps. It eliminates the need for multiple searches, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Sleep Intelligence Tools is an AI-powered tool that offers free sleep hygiene and health resources to help users improve their sleep quality.

hatchful is a free logo maker that allows you to create professional logos in seconds. It offers a design studio with customizable templates and a library of logo templates tailored to different industries. With hatchful, you can generate high-resolution logos for social media, business cards, and merchandise.

GeniusTutor ai is a free AI tutor that provides homework help and solutions.

No Code Hero is a ready-to-use developer package that enables you to launch your startup in just a few days, without having to write any code. It includes pre-built frontend styles and components, user authentication, Google authentication, database management (PostgreSQL), Stripe and OpenAI integrations, and more.

AI Custom Business Chatbot Agents is a service that delivers custom AI chatbots to enhance business engagement, streamline customer service, and drive sales, 24/7. It is designed to be embedded on client front-facing websites and is powered by Chatgpt.

Prompt& is an AI collection that helps founders to ideate faster.

RemoteFindr is a remote job application concierge service that connects job seekers with HR experts specializing in securing remote positions. Our dedicated team applies to jobs on behalf of candidates, leveraging their extensive network and industry knowledge.

Free Google Gemini AI ChatBot is an AI chatbot based on Google Gemini. It provides website traffic and offers various AI tools such as AI Content Generator, AI Rewriter, Paraphraser, and AI Customer Service Assistant.

Wendy StoryTeller is an AI-powered app that serves as a personal storyteller for children. It provides illustrated and personalized audio stories, creating a world of adventure for kids and making bedtime a magical experience.

Upgrade your digital presence with Evolve selfies into high-quality, AI-generated professional headshots instantly.

Clearword is a real-time AI meeting assistant that creates summary notes and completes actions live during your calls.

Wave AI Note Taker is an iOS app that transcribes and summarizes recorded audio and phone calls using AI. It is designed to capture and understand critical information, providing users with an essential tool for note-taking anytime, anywhere.

Broadcast 2.0 is a manager's copilot that captures notes, tracks decisions, and automates actions, enabling managers to lead without busy work.

ThinkerNotes is a powerful system for content creators looking to generate original content ideas.

PodcastMemo is a platform that provides quick and concise summaries of top podcasts, condensing hours of content into bite-sized knowledge. It aims to enhance the podcast listening experience by offering easily digestible summaries that capture the main takeaways of each episode.

NotesCast is a better way to discover insights from podcasts. It provides a website that allows users to browse the catalog, save time with notes, and access accurate transcripts. It is designed for people who love to learn, want to review played episodes, and even those who don't listen to podcasts.

Shadow is an AI-powered meeting assistant that listens and understands your conversations to help you get all your post-meeting tasks done 20x faster. is an AI tool that quickly transcribes and summarizes audio, images, and text. It can transform messy thoughts into organized notes.

AI Girlfriend Alice is a virtual companion that provides love, companionship, and emotional support. is an AI-powered website builder that helps professional service providers create a professional website, streamline business operations, and improve client engagement.

Unique Custom GPTs by Mojju is an AI tool that provides unique and powerful GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) for various purposes such as business, design, crypto, programming, learning, lifestyle, health, and finance.

AI Cartoon Generator is a user-friendly tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn text or photos into fun cartoons.

HomeworkAI ai is an intelligent AI homework helper that provides instant, step-by-step solutions for various subjects.

Emoji Combiner is an online tool that allows users to combine any 2 emojis into 1. is an AI-powered tool designed to generate unique and innovative startup ideas within seconds. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide users with creative and original suggestions for starting their own businesses or ventures.

PowerMode AI is a platform that provides early access to AI-generated pitch decks for startups.

Bizway is a platform that helps users rapidly turn their fragmented business ideas, notes, and research into well-structured plans of action. It provides a range of tools and features to support market research, marketing campaigns, product launches, and more.

NameSnack is a powerful tool for generating business names that are still available as domain names.

Free Character Design By Museclip is a website that allows users to transform character designs in real-time using AI technology.

OpenArt is an app store for AI image apps that allows developers to build their own image apps with customized styles and features.

AIDrawing is an AI-powered drawing image generator app that allows you to transform your sketches into stunning, lifelike images using artificial intelligence. It bridges the gap between your imagination and reality, providing incredible accuracy and detail in your drawings. The app supports multiple tabs with different styles, such as doodle, comfy, colorful flower, and modern, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your needs. Whether you're an artist or just looking for a fun way to enhance your sketches, AIDrawing is the perfect tool for you.

AItoZee - Your Creative AI Playground is a hub for AI code, content, and image. It provides a platform for effortlessly generating high-quality AI-driven content tailored to your needs. With AItoZee, you can unlock limitless possibilities, save time, and start making money today.

NSFWGirlfriend is an AI chatbot platform that allows users to interact with virtual 18+ NSFW girlfriends in a realistic and immersive way.

Human or Not: A Social Turing Game is a super fun chatroulette game where you try to figure out if you are talking to a human or an AI bot.

AI Girlfriends is a platform that offers virtual companionship and AI chats. It provides users with the experience of spicy AI chats, romantic simulations, and the ultimate AI girlfriend simulator.

AI Smash or Pass is a tool that allows users to create, customize, and manage AI-powered influencers effortlessly. Users can shape their personality, content, and engagement to captivate their audience.

3Daily is an AI 3D modeling tool that offers features like character customization, game props, game assets, 3D printing, and the metaverse. Explore 3Daily and My3dMeta to bring you into the world of 3D innovation.

PDF Talker allows you to have conversations with any PDF document.

Heidi is an AI-powered medical scribe that transcribes consults, generates notes, fills documents, and dictates letters. It helps clinicians save time by automating document creation and making structural changes to notes. With Heidi, clinicians can maintain eye contact with patients while the AI scribe takes care of generating consult summaries and adding private notes.

TidyCal is a simple and powerful tool that can schedule meetings, create free and paid bookings, and share meeting links.

Wondershare Virbo's advanced AI technology enables users to create the most realistic and personalized AI Avatar video content with diverse nationalities and languages.It has been able to import videos of 10s-5minutes.Whether you're a seasoned video editor or a novice exploring the possibilities of AI, Virbo is designed to elevate your video editing experience.Experience the power of Virbo online, on desktop or mobile devices, offering you the flexibility to create wherever you go.

Chatgot is a convenient and efficient application software that integrates with multiple AI chat assistants on a single platform. Imagine interacting with various AI entities in a chat interface instead of humans – how exciting is that! is an Internal Developer Portal that enables modern engineering organizations to keep track of service quality, health and maturity in a single place. Rely then provides a custom AI assistant trained on the data available in their software catalog so they can automate tasks throughout the software delivery life cycle (SDLC) to 10x their engineering productivity.

Introducing, the game-changer in AI-powered copywriting. With features like blog post generation, social media content creation, and imaginative idea generation, stands out as an impressive AI writer. It comprehends context seamlessly, generating content that feels authentically human. Whether you need content for blog posts, social media, emails, or ebooks, has you covered.

InferKit is a state-of-the-art text generation tool that provides both a user-friendly web interface and a developer-friendly API. It caters to a wide range of users, including novelists seeking inspiration and app developers looking to integrate AI-generated text into their applications. is an ingenious fusion of Google search functionality and AI-driven chatbot expertise. By harnessing the power of ChatGPT, it delivers instant and precise responses alongside Google search outcomes, enhancing clarity and accuracy. This tool is accessible at no cost and compatible across all devices connected to the internet. No ChatGPT account is required for seamless utilization.

The AI tool, dubbed "Detect GPT", is available as a complimentary Chrome extension. Upon installation, it meticulously scans the content of web pages as you browse the internet, distinguishing between AI-generated and human-authored content. The tool's icon color dynamically shifts to reflect this analysis. Moreover, Detect GPT extends its utility to verifying the authenticity of historical content, offering an additional layer of insight into the digital text encountered.