Updated on January 27th, 2024, 16:55:22


What is Heidi

Heidi is an AI-powered medical scribe that transcribes consults, generates notes, fills documents, and dictates letters. It helps clinicians save time by automating document creation and making structural changes to notes. With Heidi, clinicians can maintain eye contact with patients while the AI scribe takes care of generating consult summaries and adding private notes.


How to use Heidi

To use Heidi, clinicians simply need to speak during patient consults, and Heidi will transcribe the conversations, generate notes, and fill documents. Clinicians can also use audio dictation to provide missed or additional information. Heidi's 'My Additions' feature allows clinicians to add private notes. The AI scribe can be accessed through the Heidi website.

Talk with Heidi 's Use Cases

Clinicians can use Heidi to save time on clinical note writing and focus more on patient care.
Healthcare staff can benefit from Heidi's transcription and document generation capabilities.
Heidi can be used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.
Heidi ensures privacy and security of patient information by complying with medical AI standards and regulations.

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