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What is Omnifact

Omnifact is a privacy-first generative AI platform tailored for the workplace, emphasizing data sovereignty and security in business environments. Their main product, Omnifact Chat, is designed as a safe alternative to popular AI chat models like ChatGPT, incorporating advanced data masking and customizable content filtering. This ensures sensitive corporate information remains protected, catering to businesses seeking to leverage AI's capabilities while upholding strict privacy standards. Omnifact's solutions are GDPR compliant, available both as cloud-hosted and on-premise deployments, and are vendor-independent, allowing seamless integration with various large language model providers.

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How to use Omnifact

To use Omnifact, businesses can subscribe to their platform and access the Omnifact Chat tool. The tool can be used to communicate with AI chat models in a secure and privacy-focused manner. Users can customize content filtering and take advantage of advanced data masking features to protect sensitive corporate information. Omnifact offers both cloud-hosted and on-premise deployments, providing flexibility for businesses' specific needs.

Talk with Omnifact 's Use Cases

Protect sensitive corporate information while leveraging AI's capabilities with a privacy-first approach to AI implementation.
Ensure strict privacy standards are upheld when using AI chat models within your organization.
Seamlessly integrate with various large language model providers in a safe and secure way for your business.
Customize content filtering to meet specific business needs and secure business information.

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