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Updated on February 6th 2024, 04:29:43

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What is R2 Copilot

R2 Copilot is a privacy-centric, GPT-powered AI assistant for business communications. It keeps your data confidential and helps improve performance without compromising your privacy.

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How to use R2 Copilot

R2 Copilot is available as an add-in for Microsoft Office 365 products, social media platforms, and as an extension for various online services and applications.

Talk with R2 Copilot 's Use Cases

Lawyers use R2 to keep privacy at the core of their practice and prevent the outflow of confidential information.
Marketers utilize R2 to come up with striking yet privy concepts that multiply customer engagement.
Academics rely on R2 to help ensure that scholarly publications remain exclusive.
Cryptocurrencies projects use R2 to safely communicate key messages and create compelling social media promo posts.
Executives leverage R2 to increase productivity of employees, organize document circulation, budget planning, and improve security when exchanging data with AI.
Healthcare professionals use R2 to ensure the security of confidential patient information.
Screenwriters use R2 to craft screenplays, books, and stories that won't go public and are kept as their very own.
Web 3.0 projects rely on R2 to promote the rapid introduction of AI into a product, helping achieve a greater level of user engagement.
Banking institutions enhance operational security and facilitate customer data processing with R2.
Copywriters handle complex copy using R2, leaving writer's block behind.
Insurance companies ensure secure processing of customer data and records, and improve overall business productivity with R2.
Finance organizations rely on R2 to protect customer financial information and comply with regulations.
Analysts automate data collection and interpretation, policy creation, and report submission with R2.
B2B and B2C businesses use R2 to provide significantly improved protection of customers' personal data.
Governmental institutions enable secure use of sensitive documents and information without using the data to further train a conversational model with R2.
InfoSec professionals rely on R2 to secure sensitive data in an isolated communications environment.
Entrepreneurs use R2 to enable all employees to securely manage corporate sensitive information.

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